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Update 08/12/2023

LAYOUT. The period of the layout has now been changed to the 1970's. This was the decade of the
"Corprate Image" for British Rail. New brighter colour schemes , mainly blue, grey and red,
were adopted. The high-speed train was introduced and 25KV electrification was widely adopted.

Update 21/08/2023

LAYOUT. The period of the layout has now been changed to the 1960's. At this time older steam
locos and early experimental diesels were withdrawn. More modern diesel locos entered service
and eye-catching new trains like the Blue Pullman appeared. Coach livery was changed to maroon.
Much pre-nationalisation goods stock was scrapped and new bulk trains for cement and oil
products entered service.

Update 19/12/2022

LAYOUT. The period of the layout has now been changed to the 1950's. The nationalised
British Railways organisation was formed in the late 1940s. The 1950's was a period
when new colour schemes were being evaluated and some prototype diesel locomotives
were being introduced. At this time the railways were extremely busy and coal traffic was
heavy, transporting this vital fuel for industry.

Update 18/08/2022

LAYOUT. The period of the layout has now been changed to the 1990's. This is the initial period
of BR privatisation. Sadly many of the colourful liveries are now just of historical interest!

SHOP. New stock of Superquick kits is now on display.

Update 17/12/2021

COVID PRECAUTIONS. We will be open during alert levels green and yellow (orange/amber).
Vaccine passes are not required. Masks are recommended. Visitors are asked to scan the
QR code or sign in. A limit to visitor numbers on the premises may be required to maintain
adequate spacing.

LAYOUT. The period of the layout has now been changed to the 1980's. This is the period of
"sectorisation" which preceded the privatisation of the 90's. Colour schemes are rather more
colourful and new trains have started to appear after stagnation in the 70's.

SHOP. A new shipment of diecast models has arrived in the country. Hopefully they will make
it to the shop by Christmas, or soon after.

Update 8/8/2021

LAYOUT. The period of the layout has now been changed to the 1970's. This is the time
of the "Corporate Image" with colour schemes changed to blue for locos and, usually,
blue and grey for coaches. New types of air-braked modern goods vehicles
started to enter service.

SHOP. A first shipment of Parkside Dundas 009 kits has arrived.This includes 4W coaches
and goods wagons, also smaller vehicles like slate wagons and tippers. It is planned to add
a listing of all 009 items to the Shop page of the website.

Update 18/11/2020

SHOP. A new batch of Oxford diecast road vehicles has arrived.

Update 11/05/2020


We are pleased to announce that our business is now operating normally.

The mail-order business is also still operating.

LAYOUT. The period of the layout has now been changed to the 1950's
(steam,early diesels and 1500V electrics)

Update 26/03/2020



Our mail-order business is still operating, however there will undoubtedly be limitations on
postal and courier services during the emergency.

LAYOUT. When we do re-open, the period of the layout will have been changed to the 1950's
(steam,early diesels and 1500V electrics)

Update 26/12/2019

OPENING HOURS. From Boxing Day until Waitangi Day the model railway
and shop are open daily, 10am to 4pm.
LAYOUT. The period shown on the main layout has now been changed
to the 1990's. This is the era when the railways in Britain were
first privatised.
SHOP. A new batch of Oxford diecast road vehicles has arrived.

Update 06/08/2019

LAYOUT. The period shown on the main layout has now been changed
to the 1980's. This is the period when British Railways
was split into competing business units prior to privatisation.

Update 14/04/2019

LAYOUT. The period shown on the main layout has now been changed
to the 1970's.
SHOP. A new consignment of diecast vehicles is now in stock.

Update 01/09/2018


With effect from 15th October 2018 our operating hours will be as follows:

Weekends and public holidays, layout operating 10:00-4:00
School holiday weekdays, layout operating 1:00-4:00
Between Christmas and Waitangi day, layout operating daily 10:00-4:00

Other times by arrangement.

Model shop opening: The shop will be open when the model railway
is operating and at any time by arrangement, otherwise it will
be closed. Call 020 4175 0942

Please note that we no longer have cheese to sell.


As a result of our ceasing cheese production at Cwmglyn the website
has been changed to focus on the model railway business. Information
relating to cheese production has been retained in the Cheese Archive
section for reference.


The three oldest Cwmglyn cows (Dizzy, Patsy and Lily) have been re-homed
together to a good farm in the Wairarapa. As one of their new owners is a trained
vet we are assured they will be well looked after.

The three younger cows (Nelly, Nora and Olwyn) have been retained
at Cwmglyn. They are accompanied by Oscar, our young steer.

Update 29/08/2018

LAYOUT. The period shown on the main layout has now been changed
to the 1960's.

Update 17/07/2018

It is with sadness that we have to announce the death of Biddy
Fraser-Davies, co-owner of Cwmglyn. She died on
Friday 13/7/2018 at Masterton hospital following a severe
stroke 4 days earlier. This means that cheesemaking at Cwmglyn
is now ended. However we still have cheese in our
store which we will continue to sell as it matures.
This will take 3-4 months.

We intend to continue operating the model railway display and
to run our model shop. For the next few months opening
hours will remain as at present.

We intend to retain 3 of our animals to keep our paddocks
grazed. The remaining animals will be found good homes.

Update 29/05/2018

CHEESE. MPI launched their new template for cheese production at the
Great Eketahuna Cheese Festival. The following link gives
access to a video with more details of the template.

New MPI Template video

Update 12/05/2018


Due to our participation in the Festival our business will be closed as follows:
SUNDAY 13th May - from 2:30pm
MONDAY 14th May - All day.
When we are closed cheese can be purchased at the Festival.

Update 18/04/2018

CHEESE. Don't miss the Great Eketahuna Cheese Festival!

Full details on the Festival website

Update 08/01/2018

LAYOUT. The time period shown on the layout has now been changed to the 1950's.
This means a mixture of steam and early diesel locos. Quite a colourful period as there were
a number of experimental colour schemes about.

CHEESE. THE GREAT EKETAHUNA CHEESE FESTIVAL will be held on Monday May 14th 2018 at the Community Hall Eketahuna
Further details will be provided nearer the date, but the event has already attracted a lot of interest.

COWS. Patsy's calf was born on Wednesday 3rd January. A fine bull he has been named Cwmglyn Oscar.

SHOP. A new shipment of diecast vehicles has arrived.

Update 04/09/2017

LAYOUT. The time period shown on the layout has now been advanced to the 1990's.
The trains on the layout now carry the liveries of the private companies formed to run trains after 1990, such as Virgin, GNER, EWS, etc.

CHEESE. Biddy has now completed her validation process with MPI for the manufacture and sale of raw milk cheese.
Agreement has been reached on a testing regime which is much more satisfactory from our standpoint and still acceptable to MPI.

Update 24/03/2017

LAYOUT. The time period shown on the layout has now been advanced to the 1980's.
This is a more colourful era with the liveries adopted by the different business sectors of British Railways now in use.
SHOP. We have replenished our stocks of Superquick and Bilteezi building kits. We have also topped up our stock of
Parkside Dundas rolling stock kits.

Update 04/01/2017

CHEESE. We are pleased to announce that we have now successfully completed our validation process
for the manufacture and sale of raw milk cheese with MPI.
Cwmglyn raw milk cheese is now on sale and we have changed over completely to production of the raw product.

Update 04/12/2016

LAYOUT. The time period of the layout has been changed to the 1970's, which means blue diesels and 25KV electric locos.
Also we now have container trains and the APT-E (Advanced passenger train - Experimental) on test.
SHOP. We are about to receive a shipment of diecast vehicles from UK. Mostly Oxford diecasts in 1/76 and 1/148 scales.
COWS. Isobel has had a fine heifer calf, named Nora. She has a charming white marking on her forehead
and has inherited her mother's intelligence!

Update 31/10/2016

COWS. Dizzy has produced a fine heifer calf. She is doing very well and has been named Nelly.
Lily Has also had her first calf, but unfortunately it was stllborn. we have been introducing Lily to the joys of being milked
and so far she is being quite co-operative.

Update 21/09/2016

CHEESE. After much work we have registered a new Risk Management Plan with MPI for the manufacture of raw milk cheese.
Currently we are making a batch of cheeses to validate the RMP. This involves making and exhaustively testing 10 cheese at each stage of manufacture.
If all meet their specification we should get the go-ahead to start production. The ongoing testing regime still needs to be agreed.
The raw milk cheeses will be ripened for at least 90 days before being available for sale.

Update 25/07/2016

SHOP. We have just received a new shipment of diecast road vehicles, mostly from Oxford Diecasts in 1:76 and 1:148 scales.
Also some interesting track formations, including a turntable, for the wooden railway system.

Update 04/06/2016

LAYOUT. The layout time period has now been advanced to the 1960's. This means a mixture of steam and diesel locos
and a change of carriage livery to predominately maroon. The Blue Pulmann set brings a striking hint of modernisation to come.

Update 18/04/2016

SHOP. The list for Frateschi models has been updated on the "Shop" page.

LAYOUT. We will probably continue with the 1950's period for another 2 months before moving to the 1960's.
Denise has been giving the layout a most necessary "Spring" clean.

COWS. Isobel, Dizzy and Lily have been successfully inseminated and are expected to calve in late September.
This will be Lily's first calf and hopefully the first Lily cheeses will be available some three months later.

CHEESE. Biddy has started a campaign to mobilise opinion behind relaxing the regulations to make raw milk cheese.
You can read her blog at

Update 09/12/2015

SHOP. The lists for diecast models and Parkside kits have been updated on the "Shop" page to show new items.

LAYOUT. The time period of the main layout has now been changed to the 1950's - steam locos and early diesels.

Update 02/12/2015

SHOP. We have just received a new shipment of diecast vehicles from UK.
Also additional Take & Play Thomas items and a selection of models and track for the wooden railway system.
New wagon kits from Parkside Dundas have also been added to stock.
The lists for these items on the "shop" page will be updated as soon as possible.

Update 12/10/2015

CHEESE SEMINAR. The seminar was considered a great success by the 50-60 people who attended.

Update 07/09/2015


Location: Eketahuna Community Centre, Hastwell Street
Time: 11am to 4:00pm
Admission $5 adult, children free. Profits go towards Eketahuna town centre upgrade projects.

Detail planning is still in progress, however the following events are planned:

* Interactive activities for children.
* Navigating the regulatory environment for cheesemaking
* Speakers invited from - cheesemakers, MPI and others.
* Networking opportunities for cheesemakers
* Cheese on sale

Contact Biddy Fraser-Davies for further information -

Don't forget - Model Railway display is running 1:30 to 4:30 during October school holidays!

Update 04/06/2015

LAYOUT The layout period has now been changed to the 1990's. This is the time when the nationalised British Railways was divided up into a number of private companies to run trains and the state-owned Railtrack to manage the rail network.

SHOP A shipment of models, stock from a now-closed shop, has been purchased. The models are mainly Hornby and Bachmann plus some Dapol. Many of the models are now longer available and all are being sold at reduced prices.

Update 29/04/2015

LAYOUT It is planned to change the layout period to the 1990's towards the end of May. Work on the layout is to be concentrated on scenery over the Winter period.

SHOP A further new shipment of model road vehicles has arrived from UK, mostly from the Oxford range in 1/76 scale. Please refer to the listing on our Shop page.

CHEESE Work has been carried out to upgrade the cheeseroom following our last audit. The porch has been extended to provide better storage and improved facilities for shoe-changing. New stainless steel benches have been installed. The sink in the milking shed has been moved to provide space for a shoe-changing area at that door.

COWS Holly and Patsy have been inseminated and scanned pregnant. Both are due on 17th October. Holly has been dried off as her milk volume had diminished considerably. We are still milking Dizzy, Patsy and Isobel. Lorna, Isobel's last calf, has been sold and will live as a house-cow locally.

Update 19/12/2014

LAYOUT The period depicted by the Middleton layout has been changed to the 1980's. This will remain in use until well into 2015. The 1980's was the period when British Railways was split into business sectors prior to privatisation. Naturally each sector wanted a distinctive livery for its trains and a variety of striking colour schemes was the result. Faster trains such as the Intercity 125 were developed and freight trains moved more towards bulk traffic and containers.

SHOP A new shipment of model road vehicles has arrived from UK. This includes a number of model Land-Rovers in the Oxford range. We also have a good selection of showman's engines in the Corgi range. See our "Shop"page for a full listing of diecast models.

Update 19/11/2014

CHEESE Cwmglyn Farmhouse cheese has just won a "Super Gold" award at the World's largest cheese contest - the World Cheese Awards in London. This means that our cheese was judged one of the best 62 cheeses in the contest, from nearly 3000 entries. The winning cheese was made from Dizzy and Patsy's milk to our normal process.

Update 6/10/2014

COWS Isobel gave us a heifer calf on 28th September. We have named her "Lorna". She is a robust and determined animal. Feeding her with a hand-held bottle was proving hard work (due to the force she was using!) and so to-day she has migrated to a fence-mounted "milk-bar" feeder. Much easier. Lily is now six-months old and has joined the big girls herd. She is settling in with the cows very nicely.

Update 11/06/2014

CHEESE We are pleased to announce that our cheese was chosen for the official reception and also Prince George's playgroup during the recent visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

LAYOUT The time period of the layout has now been changed to the 1960's. This is a natural development of the 1950's with additional diesel locos and withdrawal of some older steam locos and rolling stock.

COWS Holly's calf Lily is now three months old and is gradually being weaned. She recently submitted stoically to removal of her horn buds and is shaping up well. We are planning to keep her for the Cwmglyn herd.

FARM Recent storms have caused a few toppled trees, but nothing like the damage seen in other parts of the country. One of our new signs on the highway was blown flat after being up for just 10 days (since re-erected)!

Update 21/01/2014

EARTHQUAKE UPDATE - Please note that we are open as normal following the recent 6.2 earthquake. We had no property damage and the train display has been restored. Virtually every train was derailed by the quake and replacing all the models on the track took around three hours. Some damage to the shop stock took place, but that has now been put right. The following pictures give some idea of the disruption to the layout immediately after the quake:

Update 12/01/2014

Please note that our signs on SH2 are still damaged or missing due to wind damage. We hope to order new signs shortly. Our business can now be identified and located on Google Maps.

COWS Holly has finally produced a lovely heifer calf called Lucy. Biddy originally calculated her due date incorrectly a month out! Lucy was born overnight and on waking on Thursday 9th we found she was already on her feet. Now safely housed in the calf shed, warm and dry. We had some problems getting her to feed, but she has now got the hang of it (like her mother!).

Update 8/12/2013

CHEESE We entered one of our traditional farmhouse cheeses for the annual World Cheese Awards recently held in Birmingham UK. We were very pleased when the cheese was awarded a silver medal in its class! A good reward for all the hassles involved in getting the cheese to the contest....

SHOP We have just received a new shipment of diecast model vehicles. We will shortly be listing these on the SHOP page.

LAYOUT We are just about to change the layout period to the 1950's - mostly steam trains plus some early diesels and electrics. This is the Big Change and will take a couple of days to complete. The layout will remain set in this period until well into 2014.

COWS We are currently waiting for Holly to produce her calf - due on 11th December. The calf shed has been cleaned and refurbished ready and it just remains for Holly to do her stuff.

Update 28/09/2013

Please note that our signs on SH2 have been damaged in the recent storm. The sign facing Southbound traffic is still in place but slightly damaged. The sign facing Northbound traffic has blown away completely and a temporary sign has been provided. Visitors arriving from the South on SH2 should turn left at the crossroads following the Anzac bridge (into South Road No. 2)

Update 26/08/2013

CHEESE Our cheese is going up in the world and is now on the menu at Logan Brown's and The White House in Wellington. Feedback is very positive. Isobel's first cheese is now mature and has proved to be delicious.

LAYOUT The time period of the layout has now been changed to the 1990's. This was the period when private companies took over running trains in Britain. The colourful liveries of the new companies are striking, as are the sleek modern trains.

COWS Our last two calves, Kevin and Katie have now gone to good homes locally to be proper bull and dairy cow respectively. Dizzy and Holly are to be scanned this week to (hopefully) confirm their pregnancies - due December/January.

FARM As the saying goes "Spring is sprung and the grass is ris ..." The cows are now out of their Winter quarters and grazing the paddocks, with a little hay assist. Isobel continues to milk well and has settled down to her new routine.

Update 08/05/2013

LAYOUT The time period of the layout has now been changed to the 1980's. This was the period when British Railways was setting up separate business units prior to privatisation. Each new business naturally had to have its own colour scheme so we now see a rather brighter scene than the 1970's.

SHOP A new shipment of diecast vehicles has arrived and additions are listed on the SHOP page. Some unusual new items, including motorcycle/sidecar combinations and three-wheeled vans. We also have the new Humbrol weathering powders.

COWS We have had two happy events lately. Patsy gave us a fine strapping bull calf which we have called Kevin (this is the year for names starting with K). Isobelle produced her first calf - a pretty heifer we have named Katie. Both calves are now installed in their comfortable shed and are consuming milk in the approved fashion. Introducing Isobel to the joys of being milked has had its moments, but she is now getting the hang of the new routine.

FARM Like everybody else we have been coping with the drought conditions. A little recent rainfall has resulted in some limited grass growth and more rain is falling as I type this update. In the meantime the "girls" are being sustained with hay from our winter stocks.

Update 09/12/2012

LAYOUT The time period of the layout has now been changed to the 1970's. This features the British Rail "corporate image" livery, with blue locos and blue + grey carriage colours. Freightliner container trains add colour and air-braked freight stock is starting to be introduced. The electric locos are now the later 25KV AC types (classes 81 to 87).

We have now started operating the layout daily for the summer season and this will continue until Sunday 10th February.

Update 10/10/2012

LAYOUT A number of displays and operating features have been added for the new season. In the "Smaller Scales" display we now have a demonstration (operated by visitors) of T scale, the smallest commercial modelling scale. In this the rails are only 3mm apart and the train is smaller than a little finger! We also intend to add a working display in Z scale for comparison. We have added a welding effect in Fred's Garage and the interior of Belgrave Road signal box can now be illuminated to show the signalman and fittings. A new display of a narrow-gauge railway is being prepared to go below the harbour tramway - again this will be visitor-operated when installed.

FARM We have additions to our herd at Cwmglyn. Dizzy presented us with twin heifers which we have named Jade (the firstborn) and Jasmine. They are both beautiful and doing very well, although Jasmine is slightly larger and more advanced. Holly sadly delivered a still-born bull calf with the vet's assistance. She is now recovered and has been introduced to the joys of being milked with the "big girls". So far (fingers crossed) she is behaving well in the shed and milking well. At long last the grass is starting to grow and all the trees are coming into leaf. Soon we hope the winter mud will just be a memory.

CHEESE Biddy entered two cheeses for the World Jersey Cheese Awards recently held on the island of Jersey. She was pleased to hear that the cheeses won two awards, a silver for a garlic-flavoured cheese and a bronze for a plain cheese. Regretably the only material prizes are medals, yet to be received!

Update 02/07/2012

LAYOUT - The time period of the layout has been changed to the 1960's - that is a mixture of steam and diesel locos and an addition of more modern types of wagon with the withdrawal of much unbraked stock.

FARM - with the onset of wintry weather the cows have been spending more time in their cosy "herd home". The paddocks are now so wet that the animals would cause major damage if allowed to graze normally. Biddy and I have a disagreement over the name for our latest cow. She was originally named Angie, but Biddy prefers Patsy! Unfortunately the animal seems happy with Angie so I am resisting the renaming...

Update 02/05/2012

LAYOUT - The time period of the layout remains in the 1950's, However we hope to change to the 1960's in late June.

SHOP - A further shipment of diecast vehicles has arrived - see the updated list on our Shop page. We have added a number of N scale trucks in 1:148 (N scale) from B-T Models - these are very nice models. We have started to stock Bilteezi building sheets in N scale (only $3 each). Also in N scale the Townscene backscenes.

FARM - We have another cow, on trial from neighbours, but likely to be permanent. She has been named Angie and is a dark- coloured Jersey. Having come from a normal herd Angie found our more personal setup rather strange, but she has now adapted well and is giving wonderfully creamy milk. Regretably we had to euthanase Sally, as her arthritis was becoming very painful for her.

Update 19/12/2011

LAYOUT - The time period of the layout has now been changed to the 1950's, so we have dusted off all the steam locos and old cars. It is anticipated that this period will remain in use until at least April 2012.

SHOP - A new shipment of diecast vehicles has arrived - see the updated list on our Shop page. The new Oxford Diecast N scale trams are particularly attractive.

FARM - We have a new cow, on permanent loan from neighbours. Her pedigree name is Aura Disney, but we call her Dizzy. Our rising two-year old, Ivy, has gone in exchange to be a proper herd cow! We will not have any Dizzy cheese for sale until February 2012 due to the need to mature the cheese.

Update 04/10/2011

CHEESE - We now have copies of our DVD on Making Farmhouse Cheese available for sale. Priced at NZ$40 with postage of $4.50 if required. A downloadable Handbook giving further information for small cheesemakers has been added to the "cheese" page.

Update 04/09/2011

SHOP - We have just received our first shipment of wagon kits from Parkside Dundas. A full listing of these useful kits has been added to our shop page. We have concentrated on kits for wagons which are not currently available ready-to-run. We have also received further Superquick kits, so that we now stock the complete range.

FARM - Cwmglyn Farm has grown by 4 acres! We have just completed the purchase of an additional 4 acres of land adjoining our property to the North. This includes a small hill from which panoramic views of the district can be obtained. Part of this hill is badly eroding and will be planted in trees, but the remainder includes useful extra grazing which Molly and Holly are currently sampling. The total farm is now 4.5 Ha or around 11.5 acres - a much more viable small property.

LAYOUT - The period of the layout has just been changed to the 1990's. This is the most modern decade that we present and covers the first years of the privatised British Railways. It is intended to change the layout back to the 50's before Christmas and to retain that period over the Summer.

CHEESE - We have recently presented our cheese at the Made in Wairarapa show in Masterton. A bit of a cheek as our cheese isn't actually made in the Wairarapa district, but in the Tararua District. Our stall was busy all weekend and all comments were positive.

Update 11/07/2011

SHOP - We have just received a shipment of diecast vehicles. Mostly Oxford 1:76 models including the Rover and BMC car transporters. Also the Shelvoke and Drewery dustcart and pre-war Austin taxi, both of which were out of stock. The new additions have been added to the list of diecast models on our Shop page.

Update 13/06/2011

SHOP - We have just received a shipment of buildings kits, including Superquick, Bilteezi (oldies, but still useful) other building kits and backscenes. We hope to list these on the Shop page shortly.

Update 05/05/2011

CHEESE - We hope to get the cheesemaking DVD into production soon.

FARM - We are close to purchasing an additional 4 acres of grazing land adjacent to our current property. This will include the hill at the back of our property from which a superb panoramic view of the district can be obtained.

SHOP - We have just received a new shipment of diecast vehicles. Please see updated list on our Shop page. We hope to add all Superquick kits and some other building kits and backscenes to our range shortly.

RAILWAY - The time period of the layout is now the 1980's - BR Business sector colour schemes.

Update 13/04/2011

CHEESE - Biddy submitted two cheeses to the recent Jersey Cheese competition held in Hamilton and won second and third places in the hard cheese category.

FARM - Our three heifer calves Ivy, Iris and Isobel, are now 8 months old and looking very good. Holly (Sally's last calf) is now 20 months old and has joined the "big girls" herd! Emily has been scanned and is confirmed as pregnant.

SHOP - A listing of all our diecast vehicles has been added to the Shop page. The new Corgi Ruston RB19 face shovels and the Coles Argus mobile crane are now in stock. A full listing of Metcalfe card building kits has also been added to the Shop page.

RAILWAY - The time period of the layout will shortly be changed to the 1980's - BR Business sector colour schemes. A reminder to visitors that the railway will be operating afternoons (2-4:30) during the Easter school holidys, in addition to our usual opening hours.

Update 18/10/2010

CHEESE - We are currently working on an instructional DVD on cheesemaking. The filming has been done professionally and an evaluation copy has been edited. The DVD will be sold via our website and will also be available from our shop. If you would be interested in purchasing this DVD (pricing still to be decided) please send us an e-mail and we'll let you know when it is published.

FARM - Emily has had her calf - a lively heifer we have called Ivy. She is clearly her mother's daughter and shows the same single-minded devotion to her goals (drinking milk at present). Molly surprised us by having twin calves - a bull and a heifer. The calving was quite a drama as Molly got herself cast in the process and we had to call in help to roll her back on her feet! The heifer calf (Iris) will almost certainly prove to be infertile (the normal case with mixed-sex twins) and so will be raised with the pot in mind. We have swopped the bull calf for another Jersey heifer called Isobel, so we now have three heifer calves to feed. They are all doing well and growing at a frightening speed....

SHOP - We have decided to stock Peco Code 75 00/H0 track and have the first items available now - short and medium points, rail joiners and metre lengths of flexible track. We now have new Atlas and Woodland Scenics items in stock. Our suppliers have decided to discontinue all 00 Thomas railway items.

RAILWAY - The time-period of the layout has been changed to the 1960's - mixed steam and diesel locos in action. We will probably continue with this period over the Summer holidays.

Update 23/6/2010

FARM - Sally and Emily have both been confirmed as pregnant - calves expected early August. We are still milking Sally and have ordered a cover for her to keep her warm over the Winter. We now have a large official sign to our place on SH2 reading "Model Railway & Farmhouse Cheese".

SHOP - A new shipment of diecast road vehicles has just been delivered. Models are from Oxford Diecast (00 and N scales), Base Toys (00 scale) and Classix (00 scale). We also have a new range from Carama of construction machines in 1:87 (H0 scale). These are very well detailed models for adult collectors - so far we have a backhoe excavator (like a JCB), log loader and hydraulic excavator. We have the first few colours in the Humbrol acrylic paint range, however Hornby are slow in supplying this range and further colours will not be available until later this year. Some Bachmann back-orders are now arriving.

RAILWAY - We are coming to the end of the 1950's period and will probably change to the 1960's in August. This is mainly a matter of removing some of the older steam locos and adding more diesel locos

Update 29/4/2010

CHEESE - We are currently making progress with our application to NZFSA to make and sell raw (unpasteurised) cheese. We are the first cheesemakers to apply for this in NZ and so are acting as guinea pigs in developing the appropriate regulations.

FARM - Sally's calf, Holly, is growing fast and is now beginning to look more like a cow than a calf. We are trying to train her to come to see visitors by arming the visitors with appropriate cow titbits. So far silverbeet seems to work best! Both Molly and Emily are expected to calve in mid-August

RAILWAY - The layout era has just been changed to the 1950's (mostly steam locos with a few early diesels and electrics) Work is continuing on the Middleton industrial area scenery. Another project is to convert as many of the modern narrow tension-lock couplings to the older wide-loop type. The reason is to reduce incompatability between the two types. Any donations of old-type couplings would be greatly appreciated.

SHOP - We are now stocking Wills and Ratio products. Due to the insolvency of one of our main suppliers we are currently unable to obtain supplies of Jordan, Auhagen, Atlas or Bachmann Thomas models. Also the diecast cars and trucks from Classic Metal Works. We still have some of these ranges in stock. Supplies of Bachmann and Graham Farish are currently restricted due to delivery problems from China. We have had models on order for some months, but supplies only trickle in. We will be shortly be placing another order for diecast vehicles, which will include some pre-war cars in 1/76 scale. We also hope to be able to stock the Humbrol acrylic paint range of authentic railway colours.

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